Seeds. Sehnsucht. Selah.

I believe that every creative act, every risk of the brush on the page to create something new is like an acorn falling from the tree. You don't know where it will end up, but the potential in that little seed carries so much promise. My hope is that when you come across the seeds that fall from my tree, you will feel something that C.S. Lewis called sehnsucht: an intense longing and desire for a place not yet visited - a Person not yet embraced face to face. It is a longing for what is and what is to come. When I paint or create, I feel sehnsucht. When I drop my seeds, I hope it stirs sehnsucht. Because here in my making, I am living and rehearsing what's to come. When you take a minute to sit and look at a piece I've created, or when you bring one into your home, I hope it is also a place of selah: a pause in time to feel and consider a place outside of time. An eternal place that sings inside of our hearts if we will stop and listen.

“We had been rehearsing all along the New Creation in the making of these things.”