About the artist:

I am a playful, tenacious, and worshipful creative living in Tampa, Florida with my endearing family of three. As an artist and illustrator, I find that the creative process allows me to connect more deeply with my own heart, my Maker and the hearts of others in ways that are both revelatory and insightful for the spiritual journey. I feel God's presence and pleasure when I paint - from the inception of an idea, to the rough sketches, to the bold splash of watercolor running free on the page, to the finished piece singing back to me with the very substance of my hope.

I have also found creative collaboration to be a beautiful and transformative practice - yielding a work that is fuller and richer having been imagined and created together. I recently had the joy of collaborating with the curious and colorful Briana Elizabeth Taylor to illustrate a treasure of a children's book called A Star for You. It can be found at AStarforYouBook.com

More recently, I have been exploring the magical world of Cyanotype. A light printing process that uses the sun to create a photographic blueprint. It is a nostalgic throwback to my darkroom photography days, but fuses my love of painting and nature.

“Bless this work of creation that by my labors I might craft a thing that sings with the very substance of my hope.”

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